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Knowledge begins with respect for God. (Proverbs 1:7)

St Matthew's C of E
Primary School

Live, Love, Learn


Nursery School

Learning Together

Who's Who

In 2023-24, our schools are organised as follows:

Teaching Staff

Brunel Nursery

Teacher: Mrs W. Rowe (Foundation Stage Leader)
Teaching Support Staff: Mrs A. Hammond

St. Matthew's:


Teachers: Miss M. Galvin & Miss K Lovick
Teaching Support Staff: Miss S Speakman & Mrs K Dalal


Teacher: Mr J. Grimshaw
Teaching Support Staff: Mrs F. Hussain

Teacher: Mr W. Ulhaq (KS1 Leader)
Teaching Support Staff: Mrs L. Cook


Teacher: Mr T Woodward
Teaching Support Staff: Mrs L. Monk

Teacher: Miss D. Thompson
Teaching Support Staff: Mrs F. Nagdee
Teacher: Mrs F. Sajjad (Lower KS2 Leader)

Teaching Support Staff: Miss M Mohammed
Teacher: Miss V Giles
Teaching Support Staff: Mrs F. Patel

Teacher: Mrs C. Minoprio-Nicholson
Teaching Support Staff: Mrs F Mulla


Teacher: Mrs L Kelly

Teacher: Mrs S. Matthew (Upper KS2 Leader)
Teaching Support Staff: Mrs J. Trisorio

1:1 Support Staff

Mrs A. Mahmood
Mrs S. Sumner
Mrs S. Ismail
Mrs N. Karolia
Miss Q. Dedat
Mrs S. Nuttall
Mrs F. Mulla

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs K. Gillibrand

Office Staff

School Admin Officer: Mrs J. Rhodes
School Business Manager: Mrs S. Higgins
Site Maintenance Staff

Site Supervisor: Mr S. Orange
Cleaners: Miss S. Nizamodin & Miss S. Orange
Catering Staff

Unit Catering Manager: Mrs P. Richardson
Assistant Cook: Ms C. Nickson
Assistants: Mrs N. Patel and Mr K. Richardson
Midday Supervisors

Mrs A. Kheratkar
Mrs S. Robinson
Mrs H. Seedat
Mrs A. Makda
Mrs F. Patel
Mrs Z. Patel
Mrs S. Sondhe
Mrs S. Survay
Mrs H. Timol
Mrs S. Nizamodin
Mrs G. Hasan

Inclusion Co-ordinator: Mrs R. Fenton

School Wellbeing Mentor: Mrs Z. Patel

Pupil and Family Wellbeing Lead: Mrs E Riding

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L. Martin

Headteacher: Mr J. Rogers