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Live, Love, Learn

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Welcome toSt Matthew's C of E Primary School With Brunel Nursery School

Live, Love, Learn

Thursday 7th May 2020

Hello everybody and welcome to another day's learning.  As tomorrow is a Bank Holiday, we will not be putting any home learning tasks on this page.  We will, however, in today's learning, tell you more about why tomorrow is such a special day for our country.


Phonics First

We're going to start by practising saying the sounds that different digraphs and trigraphs make.  This little video will help you.

Now it's time for us to learn another digraph.  This is the last new sound that we will be learning for a little while.  It makes the same sound as the ur digraph (like in the word turn) but is made by the digraph er and it usually comes at the end of words.

Watch Mr Thorne and Geraldine Giraffe teach it to you.

Now that you've learned a lot of new digraphs and trigraphs, have a go at this matching game.  You will need to look at every word in every sentence very carefully, looking out for the digraphs and trigraphs you know then blending everything together really carefully.  It's fine to ask an adult to help you if you need it!

This is the link to the activity:



This next game will get you thinking about subraction (remember, subtraction means 'taking away').  When we write a subtraction 'sentence' remember that we need to use the minus sign and the equals sign.

As we've already said, tomorrow is a special day throughout the country and, if we were normally at school, we would actually be having a day off school to commemorate it.

This little slideshow will tell you a little bit about it and then you may have questions for your Mums, Dads or Grandmas and Grandads, as long as you can do that safely.

If you want to, you could make some bunting using paper, scissors and's up to you!


Anyway, whatever you do, have a lovely long weekend and stay safe, everybody.


We'll 'see' you again on Monday.


Love Mrs Molyneux and Mr Grimshaw