We look forward to welcoming back all children from Thursday 3rd September!

St Matthew's C Of E Primary School
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Welcome toSt Matthew's C of E Primary School With Brunel Nursery School

Live, Love, Learn

Thursday 21st May 2020

Good morning, Robins!


Here are today's learning tasks.  Thank you for sending us photographs and even sound recordings of your home learning.  We just love them!



Mums/Dads/Other Grownups:  Please will you say these tricky words, one at a time, clearly, and ask your children to have a go at spelling them.


You could write them down first, ask your child to have a look at the first letter, maybe count how many letters there are in each word, cover the word up then ask them to spell it from memory.  Then check to see how they got on.


Here are the  first set of words:   I      the       go      to    no   into

If your child has been okay spelling those words and wants to have a go at some more, here they are:

he    we    be    she   me   my   are   all     they     you


Now you can play the Yes/No game.  The children have to read the sentences below then answer either 'yes' or 'no'.  They can also use 'thumbs up/thumbs down' if they prefer.  Some of the questions might be a bit silly but the idea is that your child will be able to read the tricky words in them and use their blending skills to read others.


1. Can you hop to the moon and back?


2. Can you sit on a chair?


3. Are you good at maths?


4. Do you go to bed in the morning?


5. Do cows go moo?


6. Do sheep go quack?


7. Is a pin sharp?


8. Do you have a beard?


9. Do goats have hair?


10. Do bees buzz?







Please go onto the Oxford Owls website and look for the story 'Turnip is Missing'.  Read the story together and then ask you child to have a go at reading it by his or herself.  Most of the words can be read using blending of the sounds they already know.

Ask your child to tell the story to you at the end, encouraging to start at the beginning and to tell the story in the correct sequence.



We are thinking about adding 'one more' again, using this Minibeast powerpoint presentation.  You can always extend this yourself by thinking of problems with bigger numbers.