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Welcome toSt Matthew's C of E Primary School With Brunel Nursery School

Live, Love, Learn

Thurday 30th April 2020

Good morning Robins and welcome to another day of learning.

We hope you enjoyed yesterday's Julia Donaldson story, 'What the Ladybird Heard' and that you enjoyed using the timer to see how many things you could do in one minute.  Mrs Molyneux and Mr Grimshaw are wondering how many star jumps you did in one minute - probably more than we did.  One minute certainly felt like a very long time when we were doing those but it didn't seem very long at all when we were listening to our favourite songs and we had to stop them before they got to the end.

Please keep sending us photographs of your learning but they don't just have to be photos of the daily tasks.  We love to see all of your photographs - some children have just been sending photographs of themselves with their favourite toys so it would be nice to have more of those.

Here are today's tasks.  We hope you enjoy them.



Before you learn any more new graphemes, we would like you to practise the ones that you have already learned so the two activities today are to help you to say the sounds they make and to blend words with them in.

The first part of the learning is an interactive game called Speed Trials.   The link is

As you play this game there will be four graphemes (ear, air, ure. er) that your children haven't learned yet so they probably won't know these.  Just tell them what they are and that they're the graphemes we'll be learning over the next few days.  Play the game as many times as you like, seeing if your child can get faster at recognising each grapheme and saying its correct sound more quickly than the previous time.


The next game is like one you have played before.  There is a list of question sentences that have words with different digraphs in them.  You have to use your blending skills to read the sentences and decide whether the answer is 'yes' (thumbs up) or 'no' (thumbs down). 




1. Is a fork sharp? 


2. Can goats moo?


3. Do you have teeth?


4. Can cows burp?


5. Is it raining hard?


6. Do roots go down into the soil?


Now have a look at the picture and write a sentence to match it using some of the digraphs you know.






The story 'What the Ladybird Heard' by Julia Donaldson has lots of rhyming words in it, just like many of her other stories.  Can you remember some of them?

Room on the Broom


The Smartest Giant in Town

The Snail and the Whale

The Gruffalo

Stick Man

Monkey Puzzle....and lots more.  You can look for them on You Tube.


To help you to hear rhyming words, play this game.


Now see if you can remember and tell your mums and dads some of the rhymes we say in our 'Morning Warnings'.


Here's something to remind you....


When you go to the office, remember to....

Knock on the door, not on the floor

Come straight back, don't jump in a sack

Don't go to town with a ________

Don't eat toast with a ________


See if you can finish those off with rhyming words and if you can remember some of the others we say.  Have fun!


You have been learning how to tell the time and to see how many different things you can do in one minute - some things take longer than others to do, don't they?

Now we're going to think about time in a different way - by learning the names of the months of the year and the order they come in.

Watch, sing and join in with this video.

Now just have a little bit of fun thinking about the 12 months of the year and finding out about birthdays.  Here are some things for you to find out.  Mums and Dads, you probably will have to give a lot of help with these but it may be fun just having a conversation about months of the year if you don't want to tackle all of the questions.


1. In which month of the year is your birthday?


2. When is your Mummy or your Daddy's birthday?


3. If you have brothers or sisters, which months of the year are their birthdays?


4. Whose birthday comes first in the year in your family?


5. What is the first month of the year?


6. What is the last month of the year?


7. How many months are in one year?


8. Which month comes first out of these three - April, May, March?


Challenge question - how many days are there in each month?  Does every month have the same number of days?