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Welcome toSt Matthew's C of E Primary School With Brunel Nursery School

Live, Love, Learn

Monday 11th May 2020


You have now learned all the sounds that we want you to know for the time being and you now know how to read and spell words using the correct digraphs and trigraphs.  Well done Robins!!  So now we would like you to just get better and better at this by using your blending and segmenting skills to read and write longer words.  


Just to get your brains fired up, practise saying the sounds made by all the single letters, digraphs and trigraphs that you have already learnt.  Use the game below to help you.


The next part of the lesson is about segmenting and spelling words with more than one syllable.  These are longer words than you have been spelling up to now but if you watch Mrs Molyneux explaining it on the video you will know what to do.

Tip for Mums and Dads: please pause the video every time your child has been asked to spell a word. Your child may need some help with this to begin with.  Don't worry if they're finding it a bit difficult to start with.  We'll be practising this skill for the rest of this week.

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We hope you have been enjoying learning about minibeasts and reading Eric Carle's stories about them.  Which was your favourite one?  Was it The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Bad-Tempered Ladybird or The Very Busy Spider?

Here is a clue about the next story that we are going to share.

Have a look at this photograph.  Talk to somebody at home about what you think they are.


Well done if you spotted that they are snail shells.

Today we would like you to do a little research about snails and write some facts about them.  You might already know lots of things about them but, if you don't or if you'd like to find out more, you could watch the following short video clip.


Now can you write down some of the things you have learned about snails?  You choose how you do it.  You could draw a picture of a snail and write some short sentences or you could label the picture of your snail.  It's up to you.

The Snail and the Whale

Eric Carle didn't write a story about a snail but Julia Donaldson did.  You might already know it, it's called 'The Snail and the Whale'.  There is a lovely video that tells the story.  Here it is, if you'd like to watch and listen to it.


Today you are going to see if you can remember the name of different 3D shapes.  Remember that 3D shapes are not flat - they 'rise up' from the ground.  

Once you've played the little game below, go on a shape hunt in your house and garden or look out of your windows.  Can you see any 3D shapes and can you remember their names?