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Newsletter 17 – 18th January 2021

This half-term’s value is ‘Courage’ (Deuteronomy 31:6)



Dear Parents and Carers


Continued Thanks!


Firstly, I’d like to thank you all again for your continued support with our remote learning offer. Please continue to feel free to ring school with any technical problems – the number of calls has reduced significantly this week which shows that you and your children are getting the hang of things well!


Remote Learning


Some children have been seeing an error message when trying to join a Google Meet using the Meet link on their Google Classroom homepage. The error message says ‘You can’t join this video call’. To avoid this happening, please make sure that you child leaves the Google Meet by clicking on the red phone symbol when their teacher tells them that it’s time to leave the Meet. If you do see this error message, ring school and we’ll be able to re-admit your child in a couple of minutes.


Children should only use their class ‘Stream’ for work purposes (not for chatting with their friends during learning time). They should also ensure they are respectful when communicating with staff, just as they would be in school.


If your child is ill or unable to attend a session for any reason, please let the school office know.


School Books and School Equipment


Please make sure that all books (children’s workbooks and textbooks) and all other school equipment is kept safe and in good condition. When the lockdown ends, we will need you to send everything that was given out in children’s packs back into school. Children will need to continue to use these books and equipment for the rest of this school year.  


School Year 2021-22


The Governing Board have agreed the school year dates for 2021-22. These are now available on the ‘Parents’ tab on the school website under ‘School holidays’. You can also use the link below:


Hawks’ Online Learning


On Friday afternoon, Mr Irwin from Blackburn Museum spoke to the children in the Hawks' class about their local history. This was part of their topic work on Beautiful Blackburn, looking at how the town has changed over the last three hundred years. As their trip has had to be postponed due to restrictions of the pandemic, Mrs Harris didn't want the children to miss out. Mr Irwin even took a camera around the museum and showed the children different exhibits live, so it was the next best thing to going there in person. It was a great success and everyone learnt a lot! Here are some of the children's comments, which reflect how much they enjoyed it:


  • ‘I found it fascinating that there was just one main street in Blackburn in 1737!’ 


  • ‘You're a very clever man who knows all the facts about Blackburn! I get my take away from Darwen Street so I will probably see Hobkirks (one of the oldest buildings in Blackburn) on the way!’


  • ‘I like learning about the differences between then and now. I am proud to know that we had the first Spinning Jenny. My town had the most factories!’


  • ‘I was fascinated to learn about the growth of Blackburn's population, from 300 people to 80,000 in just 70 years!’


  • ‘I have learnt that Blackburn got its name from its river and this was one of our class questions.’


Children’s Virtual Library


All children in England will be able to access books online free during school closures via a virtual library. Internet classroom Oak National Academy created the library after schools moved to remote learning for the majority of pupils until February half-term.


Formed with The National Literacy Trust, the library will provide a book a week from its author of the week. The aim is to increase young readers' access to e-books and audiobooks.


Every week a popular children's author or illustrator will provide children with free books, exclusive videos and their top three recommended reads.


Having access to a school library is really important for children. School libraries nurture a love of reading that can enrich children’s literacy skills, academic achievements and mental wellbeing. The Virtual School Library will complement existing school libraries and will ensure that children have access to the magical world of stories all year round, whether they are learning at school or at home.


You can access the library using the following link:


Best wishes


Julian Rogers