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Live, Love, Learn

Friday 5th June 2020

Good morning everybody!

Welcome to the last of this week's learning tasks.



Today we would like you to watch this video showing all the tricky words that you will need to learn over the next few days.  Watch the video a few times until you think you can remember and read them all by yourself.

Now can you read and answer these sentences?  They have different tricky words in them.


1. Do you like chips?


2. Do you have teeth?


3. When do you go to bed?


4. Do you have a little sister?


Can you write about how you would like to travel and where you would like to travel to?  Would you like to go in a hot air balloon to the moon or would you prefer to go in a submarine to see the Queen?

Can you draw some pictures to show us what your vehicle looks like and the place where you are travelling to?



Yesterday you did some additions sentences about vehicles.  Today you are going to do some subtracting of trains.  Remember that when you subtract, you are taking away.

Picture 1