We look forward to welcoming back all children from Thursday 3rd September!

St Matthew's C Of E Primary School
With Brunel Nursery School.

Live, Love, Learn

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Welcome toSt Matthew's C of E Primary School With Brunel Nursery School

Live, Love, Learn

Friday 1st May 2020

Hello Everyone, 


We have really enjoyed talking to you and the children on the telephone and it was lovely to hear that you are all safe and well. I have found and would like to share with you a short story book that’s helps children to understand the current situation. You will find it at the bottom of this page and you can read it with your child. 

Today’s Tasks



Recap sounds the sounds that your children already know. You could do this by looking on the phonics play website. You can use the username march2020 and the password home to access the games and activities. The web address is


The. Practice phase 3 tricky words  by watching the video and 

teach children the spellings for ‘like’ and ‘said’. 

Then the children can practice writing them without looking at the word. 


Tricky Words Song


can the children draw a picture of their favourite mini beast and write a sentence about it. They can use their imagination to make up a short story about the mini beast that they choose. 



Play the maths game below. ( you will need flash enabled)

The children can explore the  teen numbers and understand them they are larger than ten and we make teen numbers by adding numbers to 10. Can they write some teen numbers and can they write some numbers sentences adding a single digit number to ten to make a teen number eg 10+5=15

Helping children understand the current situation - Book