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Live, Love, Learn

Daily Learning Tasks

We have just learned that the Department for Education has put together packs of activities linked to particular subjects along with a list of useful educational websites.  Here is the link:


Please find the work set for each day during the school closure. 


We are trying to make the tasks simple and ensure that you don't need many resources to complete them. We will put any links that you need to complete the work alongside the tasks.


We would love to see some of the amazing work that the children are completing at home and we are looking into an easy way of doing this. We will need your email addresses to set something like this up so please send any work or any photos of the children learning at home to


We understand that these are strange times and so if you have any questions, queries or just want to speak to Mr. Grimshaw or Mrs. Molyneux please just email us. We are missing the children very much and even though they are at home we would still love to keep in contact with both yourselves and of course the children. 


We hope that everyone is safe and well and we thank you for your continued support.

Week beginning Monday 11th May 2020


Hello Robins,


We hope you had a lovely long weekend and that you all enjoyed the sunshine.  Wasn't it hot?  We hope that you're all keeping safe and sound and that you are enjoying spending time with each other.  We are all missing you so much and often think about what you're doing at home.  That's why we love to see photographs of you and of your learning so please keep them coming.  If anybody would like us to help them send photographs to us, please send us a message using the email address and one of us will get back to you and help you.


We have the usual sort of activities for you this week.  We hope you enjoy them.  

Week beginning 1st June 2020

Hello again, Robins.  Can you believe that today is the start of another new month.  It's such a long time since we were altogether in the Robins' classroom, isn't it?  We are still missing you all so much and think about you all the time.  Mostly we hope that you and your family are all safe and well and all taking care of each other.

Well, we've just had our half-term holiday but it didn't really seem very different to all the other weeks that we have been at home, did it.  We know that most of you will have been celebrating Eid last weekend with your family and we hope that this was a very special and happy time for you all, even though you might not have seen many of your relatives and friends.

Our learning tasks this week will carry on in the same format as before.  We will put a phonics, literacy and maths activity on our class pages for every day this week.  Of course, you can still use the websites that we have mentioned and carry on doing any other learning that you want to do at home.  

Our Phonics learning is going to move on a little over the next week.  We don't have any new sounds to learn but we will have some new tricky words to read and practise.  Also we will be asking you to blend and segment words with more letters and sounds in them.  Sometimes there will be two letters to blend together at the beginning or end of words - these aren't digraphs, you have to say each sound separately.  We'll do lots of practice of these, so don't panic!

So, let's get started.  Go to the daily learning task page for Monday 1st June and take it from there.

Hello Everyone,


Week Beginning 8th June 2020. 


we hope that you are all okay and staying safe and well. This week the home learning looks a little bit different as we have decided to put all the weekly learning tasks on one document. It is separated into phonics, literacy, maths and topic lessons and has links to videos attached. Please let us know if you have any questions and as usual we would love to see photos of your work. 

Remember the usernames and passwords for the websites can be found on the Robins Class Page. Here is the login for phonics play. 

Phonics Play -

Phonics Play is a resource that we use in school and it has lots of different games to help children practise recognition of sounds, blending and segmenting. The website has decided to offer free access to parents during this time and the login details are:


Username: march20

Password: home


If you don’t have the correct equipment for any of the activities just use what you have. For example if you don’t have any paints at home then you could use colouring pencils instead. 

Have fun and we look forward to seeing your work. 

Mr Grimshaw and Mrs Molyneux. 




Week Beginning 15th June 2020

Hello Everyone,


Mr Grimshaw and Mrs Molyneux have loved hearing about and seeing your wonderful work last week. We are god that you like the new learning grid for the week. 

We hope you have lots of fun continuing to complete the tasks and finding out new information. 

You can find the details for phonics play above and remember just try your best. If you don’t have the correct resources don’t worry and just use what you have. 

We miss you all very much! Have fun. 

Week beginning 22nd June 2020