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School Closure


Please find all the information as well as links and relevant documents below. 

Dear Parents/Carers,


With all the concerns over the coronavirus outbreak and how this might impact on our school and your child’s learning, we are offering you some ideas to help you continue their education during any potential school closures.


We have compiled a list of websites that you can use to access various learning including Literacy (phonics and reading), Mathematics and science-based activities at home.


Some of the websites will require a username and password which will be included within this information or on a separate sheet attached to this letter.


Hot off the press.....  the Department for Education has put together some great home learning resources and links to educational websites during lockdown.  You can find these at


These websites are ones that you can continue to use as well.  Some of these may actually be on the Government's list of websites too:


Oxford Owl -

Oxford Owl is an online reading platform that is linked to our existing reading scheme. It has various e-books available for your children to read on a computer or tablet. The children will be familiar with the characters and can also choose to read books that they haven’t yet read.


We have a class login that you can use to access Oxford Owl and the details are:


Username: Robins2020

Password: robins


Phonics Play -

Phonics Play is a resource that we use in school and it has lots of different games to help children practise recognition of sounds, blending and segmenting. The website has decided to offer free access to parents during this time and the login details are:


Username: march20

Password: home


Mathetics -

Mathletics is an online platform that school already uses and that some of you may be familiar with. It has various maths concepts for your children to practise. The teachers can set different tasks and view children’s progress. Each child has their very own login details for the website and these can be found in the front of your child’s reading record. If you need a reminder please see Mr. Grimshaw or Mrs Molyneux.


Purple Mash -

Purple Mash is a fantastic tool that has lots of different activities on for your children to explore. It is used in school to help children with their learning across many areas of the curriculum. To login to the website you will first need to find the school’s login page by clicking on ‘Find my school’s login page’. Then you will need your child’s login details which can be found attached to this letter.



Scholastic Learn at Home - (Alternatively you can use google to search for ‘Scholastic Learn at Home’)

This is a website that has been set up specifically for school closures. It has stories and activities based around various different topics that link to your children’s learning. More activities are being added to the site every day.


Sumdog -

Sumdog is similar to Mathletics as teachers can set work and view the children’s progress. It has different tasks relating to reading, spelling and mathematics. When your child logs in they will have some ‘quick fire questions’ and they may need some adult support with these. After this they will be able to access the tasks and these are all in game form so the children will really enjoy playing them as well as practising the different skills. Each child has an individual login and this will be attached to the letter. As with the rest of these websites we do recommend that you play the games alongside your children as they may need some initial help to follow the instructions.


If you do not have any access to the internet or if you only have limited access to technology we will have already spoken to you and made arrangements for your child. If we haven’t spoken to you and you don’t feel you will be able to access the resources then please speak to one of the teachers.


As well as these websites you can access the Robins’ Class page on the school website. All the websites and information can be found on here as well as additional information and resources that Mr. Grimshaw and Mrs. Molyneux will be adding throughout the school closure.



If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact either Mr. Grimshaw or Mrs. Molyneux.


You can contact both Mr. Grimshaw or Mrs Molyneux using the email address (there is also a contact form on this page that you can use as well)


We appreciate this is an unusual time and we thank you for you continued support.


Mr J Grimshaw & Mrs J Molyneux


Below you will find a page for all the resources, links and videos to help your children at home. You will also find a page called 'Daily Learning Tasks' and here you will find different tasks to complete each day. You can complete these tasks and email to Mr. Grimshaw and Mrs. Molyneux and we are looking forward to seeing some of the wonderful work that your children complete at home. 

Contact Mr Grimshaw & Mrs Molyneux

Please use this form to contact Mr. Grimshaw or Mrs Molyneux. If you leave your name and email address we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please also let us know who your child is within the message so we can respond appropriately.