Work for children can be found on the Children Tab - Class Pages. No work will be set over the Easter Holidays. Stay indoors and stay safe!

St Matthew's C Of E Primary School
With Brunel Nursery School.

Live, Love, Learn

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Welcome toSt Matthew's C of E Primary School With Brunel Nursery School

Live, Love, Learn

Brunel Nursery School

Brunel Nursery School - Our Mission Statement


We aim to provide a positive learning experience in a safe and respectful environment. We strive to teach an inspiring and inclusive curriculum that promotes a love of learning. We want our children to be cheerful and independent individuals, who reach their potential and are proud of their achievements.


Our motto: Learning Together

Welcome to Brunel Nursery School where our children attend either morning or afternoon sessions in our wonderful, well-resourced Early Learning environment.

Mrs Rowe is our Nursery Manager and Teacher. Mrs Deller is our part time Nursery Teacher. Helping them are our very experienced and highly-qualified staff team, Mrs Duckett and Miss Imtiaz.


All staff are special Key Workers for small groups of children and we know this really helps your children settle in and feel safe as they explore their learning with us.

In our Nursery we believe learning should be fun and fantastic and our children learn and remember best by “doing” and experiencing things first-hand. We provide exciting and enjoyable ‘learning through play’ activities, both indoors and outdoors, and we help children take part in all areas of the 'Early Years Foundation Stage' curriculum.


Every day our children enjoy a healthy 'Snack and Chat' time, as well as learning games and stories in their own Key Worker group. At the end of our sessions we have an 'All Together Time' where children join in with action songs and movement and then enjoy a story.

Brunel Nursery school is federated with St Matthew’s C of E Primary School. We share regular activities and outdoor play with our friends in the Reception class, and many children go on to join St Matthew’s at the end of their time in the Nursery.

All of us at Brunel Nursery wish your child a happy and successful time learning and having fun with us!

Mrs Rowe, Foundation Stage Leader.

School closure - a message from all of us at Brunel.

Dear Brunel Nursery Parents and Carers,

I know some of you may feel understandably worried, and that our lovely nursery children may be feeling unsettled and missing coming to nursery, as we also miss them! 


I really feel, however, that we can try to turn this situation into something positive for our children by focusing on making good memories with them, while they are at home; sharing time and enjoying really simple activities together that you may be too busy to find time to do usually.


As we at Brunel know, children can learn so much from the simplest of activities, including their very important PLAY of course, when an adult shares this with them.

You will find lots of suggested activities in the home learning ideas pack we gave out to parents of children attending nursery last week, but for those of you that did not receive one, there are so many ideas readily available on the internet also!


Here are just a few activity ideas ‘off the top of my head’:


  • Read short stories especially ones your child knows well that they love to join in with!
  • Share, and talk about, picture books together.
  • Encourage your child to talk and have little conversations about things that interest them.
  • Pretend together and dress up.
  • Play ‘schools’ – all children enjoy pretending they are the teachers!
  • Make ‘small worlds’ together with everyday household items and little dolls, soft toys, vehicles, toy animals or dinosaurs etc.
  • Build with lego or other construction sets you may have.
  • Build and make things with empty food cartons and boxes.
  • Draw, colour or paint pictures.
  • Bake cakes, biscuits or other things.
  • Let them help washing up (remove the knives and sharp implements first).
  • On sunnier or warmer days ‘wash’ the windows and paint with soapy water.
  • Throw and catch a teddy or a ball and try not to drop it!
  •  Kick a ball and score ‘goals’.


Please don’t worry if your child's interest in an activity seems rather short and that they then want to move on to play something else of their own choice.

The key thing is that your child enjoys the activities that you do together and feels that you do too. Children will tend to spend longer at, and show more interest in, some activities than others, depending on the day and how they are feeling.


I aim to pop some links on here to online learning activities that are suitable for our children and that I think they will really like.


From all of us, please stay safe, keep to the current health advice and take care of one another, all of you.

We look forward to seeing you, and your children again as soon as we can,


Mrs Rowe and the Brunel Nursery team.




Contact Mrs. Rowe

You can use this form to contact Mrs. Rowe with any questions or queries you may have. Mrs. Rowe will respond to you as soon as possible. Please let Mrs. Rowe know who your child is within the message so that she can respond appropriately.

Some help with learning at home.

Have a look at these online resources!


Ragdolly Annas, Music and Rhyme. 


PhonicsPlay: the children can have fun practising the Phase One phonics awareness of sounds and rhymes we have been doing at nursery. 


username: march20

password: home


Alphablocks: lots of games and activities here to introduce letter sounds and some early 'reading' and 'writing'skills.



Numberblocks: sing and learn all about numbers and counting.



Twinkl: lots of printable activities and colouring sheets.






Jack and the Beanstalk

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Jack and the Beanstalk 3
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Our fabulous learning environment

Our fabulous learning environment 1
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Our fabulous learning environment 3
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