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Year 6 - Eagles

Welcome to Year 6 - Eagles!


Hello and welcome to Eagles’ class page. We are Year 6 and the children are in their final year at primary school. It is an exceptionally busy year, not only as we work towards our SATs, but also full of exciting trips, activities, events and responsibilities.
Our motto for Eagles is “Work Hard...Play Hard”, led by our fabulous class staff team - Mrs Matthew, Mrs Trisorio and Mrs Monk.


Part of our working hard involves regular reading at home and in school. Homework is given out on Friday and should be returned on Monday. The work usually reflects the learning of the previous week and often consists of English, Maths, Science and spellings. School provides a homework / reading diary for parents to sign weekly / daily.
As well as working hard, Year 6 undertake various responsibilities and proudly wear a monitor’s badge. Duties include: assembly preparation, register collecting, Key Stage 1 play-leaders, collating housepoints, organising the Headteacher’s Certificates, and running the Tuck Shop. Eagles are also voted as House Captains, Vice Captains, Sports Captains and Vice Sports Captains of our four school teams : Amazon, Colorado, Nile and Thames. We also nominate school council representatives and Eco-Warriors.
This term we will be focusing on recounts, information texts and persuasive writing. This links to our exciting topic; "Crime and Punishment through the ages". We will start by studying Shakespeare's Macbeth and then incorporate the poem of The Highwayman, using lots of drama and debating skills.

Our grammar and punctuation work will focus on: identifying main clauses and subordinate clauses; ways of connecting clauses; constructing complex sentences and the appropriate use of varied punctuation. 

Year 6 children will be covering number, shape and measures. They will work on developing all four written methods in a problem solving context. In fractions, decimals and percentages they will be asked to find equivalents. Through our topic of shape they will explore and identify 2D and 3D shapes, focusing on triangles and quadrilaterals. They will also be looking at the 24 hour clock and understanding timetables. We also have daily mental maths activities & weekly tests based on the weeks learning/times tables.

Mrs Roe will be teaching science this year, following the new science curriculum. The topics cover many aspects of scientific enquiry and knowledge including: the Human circulatory system; Healthy lifestyles & nutrition and Evolution & Inheritance.

The children will continue to use Activ Expression pods to complement all our other learning. They will be responsible for personal tablets which they will regularly use to enhance their reading and writing experiences. Our Computing topic teaches us all about Apps-we research the latest technology, then plan, design and market our own application.

Topic:(including History, Geography, Music, Art & Design Technology)
The topic for the Autumn term is titled "Crime and Punishment through the Ages". It involves researching historical crime and identifying the differing ways we have punished those who have broken the law. We also undertake a local study of the Pendle Witches and end the unit with an exciting CSI crime solving forensics week.
After Christmas, we then move onto our London topic, in both our literacy and creative curriculum. We learn about the landmarks of London; research travel guides and study the mystery stories of Sherlock Holmes. The highlight of our topic is a trip to London itself. We travel by train to Euston; tour London on an open top bus; and spend time at the Natural History Museum. It’s an amazing experience, one that all Eagles remember! Other trips we enjoy are to Streetwise and Pendle  Hill.
In May, Year 6 children must sit their SATs. There are tests in Reading; Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar and Maths. Writing and science is also assessed.  We always work hard to prepare for these exams but we know that once they are over, there are lots of treats in store!
Our first reward is the end of year hoodies that we wear every day until the end of term. We choose the colour and fundraise to help towards the cost. Eagles’ hold a school fair consisting of stalls and games, which the children plan, organise and run themselves.
We also perform an end of school production, which involves all the children in Eagles. Parents are invited to watch our spectacular show. This is followed by a special Leavers’ Prom night, where we dress up in our finest, eat pizza and party! The children design and create Year Books as a keepsake of their primary years and perform a Leavers Assembly on their final day in school.
As we’ve said – it’s a frantic but fantastic year and we know that it is one that you will always remember!