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Year 1 - Woodpeckers

Welcome to Year 1 - Woodpeckers!


Hello and a big welcome to Woodpeckers!
I’m Miss Thompson, the class teacher, and Mrs Hussain is our full-time class teaching assistant.

The Children’s Vision
The children believe that they can achieve anything that they put their minds to. Their vision is “I Can”.

The Staff’s Vision
The Year 1 staff’s vision is to make all the Woodpeckers SUPER, INDEPENDENT LEARNERS that work hard and we believe that “They Can!”

As part of our vision we ensure smooth continuity for the children from the Foundation stage into Key Stage 1. This is how we do it…
The Curriculum
We learn about many exciting things in the Woodpeckers with every term having an overall topic that links all the subjects. We try to make the learning as real as possible by making links to our everyday lives. We teach each of these topics as creatively as possible, so that all areas of the curriculum are covered.

In the Autumn term our topic is Best of British. In Spring we learn about Castles and in the Summer term we find out more about other countries in our Let's travel the world topic. Trips will be organised throughout the year to link with the topics we are learning about.

In addition to all that we also enjoy lots of other great lessons including English, Mathematics, Science, RE, PE and of course our favourite - Phonics!
Responsibilities and Rewards
The children in the Woodpeckers know that their main responsibility is to work hard. The children know that this makes them better people and worthy of rewards. Treats in life don’t come easy and the children are told of this early on in the year!
So, what are the children’s responsibilities and how do they earn their treats?
Class Rules
At the start of the academic year the children think about the rules that keep the harmony in the class. We display these in the classroom with the consensus of everybody. If the children stick to the rules they get a reward on Fridays during Golden Time. 
We also choose a Star of the Day. To be the Star the children have to demonstrate how well they follow our class rules and how hard they work!
Home Responsibilities
The Woodpeckers are asked to complete several tasks at home to support their learning. These are: reading every day; learning weekly spellings; completing homework tasks and reading and enjoying their library books. Regularly completing these activities at home mean that the children earn House Points for their House Teams.
Mums and Dads (Grandmas, Grandads, Aunties and Uncles!)
Year 1 is a critical year where children begin to read and write more fluently. It is a time when numbers and calculations begin to mean something. Year 1 is also a time where the importance of support from families is VITAL. Please help your child as much as you can. We are their teachers in school but you are their teachers for life! 
From the Woodpeckers' Staff Team.