School re-opens on Monday 7th January 2019 at 8.35am. Have a lovely Christmas holiday!

St Matthew's C Of E Primary School
With Brunel Nursery School.

Live, Love, Learn

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Welcome toSt Matthew's C of E Primary School With Brunel Nursery School

Live, Love, Learn

Who's Who

In 2017-18, our schools are organised as follows:

Teaching Staff

Brunel Nursery

Teacher: Mrs W. Rowe (Foundation Stage Leader)
Teaching Support Staff: Mrs P. Duckett & Mrs A. Mahmood 
St. Matthew's:



Teachers: Mrs J. Molyneux & Mr J. Grimshaw
Teaching Support Staff: Mrs N. Nagdee

Teacher: Miss D. Thompson
Teaching Support Staff: Mrs F. Hussain

Teacher: Mrs F. Sajjad (KS1 Leader)

Teaching Support Staff: Miss S. Ougrader



Teacher: Miss V. Giles

Teaching Support Staff: Mrs L. Cook


Teacher: Mr T Woodward
Teaching Support Staff: Mrs L. Pearson-Moore 
Teacher: Mr W. Ulhaq (KS2 Leader)

Teaching Support Staff: Mrs K. Gillibrand (HLTA) 
Teacher: Miss C. Minoprio

Teaching Support Staff: Mrs F. Patel


Teacher: Mrs G. Harris
Teaching Support Staff: Mrs K. Roe & Mrs F. Mulla


Teacher: Mrs S. Matthew
Teaching Support Staff: Mrs J. Trisorio & Mrs L. Monk


Inclusion Co-ordinator: Mrs R. Fenton
School Wellbeing Mentor: Mrs Z. Patel
Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L. Martin
Headteacher: Mr J. Rogers
Office Staff
School Admin Officer: Mrs J. Rhodes
School Business Manager: Mrs S. Higgins
Site Maintenance Staff
Site Supervisors: Mr P. Dumon and Mr R. Brown
Cleaners: Mrs H. Patel & Miss S. Nizamodin
Catering Staff
Unit Catering Manager: Mrs P. Richardson
Assistant Cook: Ms C. Nickson
Assistants: Mrs N. Patel and Mr K. Richardson
Midday Supervisors
Mrs Y. Yasar - Senior Supervisor
Mrs A. Bahadur
Mrs F. Bhamji
Mrs M. Chothia
Mrs A. Makda
Mrs H. Patel
Mrs S. Patel
Mrs Z. Patel
Mrs S. Sondhe
Mrs S. Survay
Mrs H. Timol
Mrs S. Nawaz