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We are a Church School!

We are proud (in the right sense of the word!) to be a Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School!


But what is a Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School? Sounds complicated!


It's not! A voluntary aided school is a state-funded school in England and Wales in which a foundation or trust (in our case, the Church of England), contributes to building costs and has a substantial influence in the running of the school. Such schools have more control than voluntary controlled schools, which are entirely funded by the state. In most cases (including ours) the foundation or trust own the buildings.


The Diocesan Board of Education for the Diocese of Blackburn appoints a majority of the school governors. The governing body runs the school, employs the staff and decides the school's admission arrangements, subject to the national Schools Admissions Code.

Pupils at voluntary aided schools follow the National Curriculum. Voluntary Aided faith schools, like all faith schools, may teach religious education according to their own faith.

Here are some important documents giving more details about what makes us different as a Church of England primary school.